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Payroll Cards

Innovative Payroll Processing Offers You a Convenient Way to Pay Employees Who Don't Have Bank Accounts

VISA CardNow your employees can give up waiting in long lines at the bank to cash their payroll checks and completely avoid paying high fees at check cashing locations. Innovative Payroll Processing has a low cost alternative that enables all your employees to benefit from direct deposit: the Innovative Payroll Processing paycard.

The Innovative Payroll Processing paycard is a convenient way for your employees to receive their pay. Your employees' payroll check can be directly deposited onto a Visa® branded payroll card each pay day, giving them immediate access to their funds. The paycard can simplify your payroll process by reducing the number of expense reimbursement checks and offering your employees a valuable, flexible alternative to payroll checks.

A payroll card looks like a credit card, yet it operates like a check card or debit card. Each pay day, your employees' payroll wages are deposited into an account created specifically for each payroll card. They can use their payroll card the same way they would use a Visa® Check Card or an ATM Card. Purchases, payments or cash withdrawals are deducted from the transaction account until the funds on the card are depleted.

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The Innovative Payroll Processing paycard is a cost effective alternative to printing, mailing and tracking payroll checks. It eliminates having to replace lost checks and reconciling individual payroll checks on your bank statement. The paycard is ideal for those businesses with multiple locations. No longer will you have to make a special trip to hand out payroll checks at your other locations! The Innovative Payroll Processing paycard can be used for payroll, commissions, bonuses, and even expense reimbursement. Money can easily be added to the same payroll card again and again.

Payroll Cards are Affordable and Convenient

  • No high-rate finance charges like with credit cards
  • Access nearly 800,000 ATMs worldwide
  • Use any ATM with the PLUS®, STAR®, PULSE® or NYCE® symbols

Payroll Cards are Easy-to-Use

  • Money can be added to the same payroll card again and again
  • Unlike cash, if a payroll card is lost, it can be replaced
  • Easily check your card balance 24 hours a day

Payroll Cards are Safe and Secure

  • Payroll cards require the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Purchases can be made at over 24 million merchant locations worldwide
  • Use your paycard to make secure purchases online

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