Innovative Payroll Processing

Online Payroll

epayrollPlatinumPay is our unique payroll processing software you can use on your own PC. PlatinumPay is designed for Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. Input your payroll information, make employee changes and print a preview journal before transmitting your final payroll to the Innovative Payroll Processing payroll production system. PlatinumPay allows you to control your payroll records, gives you the flexibility to create custom spreadsheet reports and provides you access to an archive of all your reports for previous pay periods. You can even import time and attendance data using PlatinumPay.

  • Each client is assigned their own User Name and Password for secure access
  • Enter employee hours and earnings whenever it is most convenient for you
  • User-friendly screens allow you to manage and update employee records
  • Create payroll entries for all or just some of your employees, according to your specifications
  • Import payroll data from third party time and attendance and point of sale systems
  • Review payroll details and totals online before you approve and submit your payroll for processing
  • Provide access to other authorized users in your network
  • Our team of payroll professionals keeps you in the loop during the production process, notifying you by email on the status of your payroll