Innovative Payroll Processing

Time Clocks

Innovative Payroll Processing has many types of Time Clocks to choose from.  We cater to many industries and carry different styles of clocks to suit any business.  Below is a list of some of the popular clocks we carry:

TimeClock 330 / 380 - Swipe Card System

Timeclock-330-380This clock features simple hardware setup and no additional software to install. Employees can clock in and out with the swipe of a card or by using a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

With convenient online data management, it’s easy to view, edit, and run reports using your web browser. Simplicity and affordability make the TimeClock ideal for just about any workforce.

FlexClock Z11 - Proximity System

clockz11FlexClock is a feature-rich timekeeping solution that offers employers a wide variety of valuable labor management technologies through a series of practical timekeeping devices.

With the FlexClock Z11, employers get an affordable, real-time timekeeping solution (Ethernet-enabled) that also offers the convenience of using a proximity badge card or key fob for recording in/out punches.

FlexClock Z18 - Proximity System

clockz18The FlexClock Z18 delivers superior value and features with its integration of timekeeping and universal proximity badge card access. It connects to the Web in near real-time (Ethernet) and offers additional value in its ability to support a “bell chime” and biometric employee identification with Print-Reader.

FlecClock Z24 - Biometric System

clockz24The FlexClock Z24 organizations benefit from a time clock that utilizes a built-in biometric fingerprint reader and real-time connectivity to the Web, all through an affordable device. The FlexClock Z-Series are an ideal fit for tracking your employee’s punches.

Vx 510 - Mobile Swipe Card System

vx510The Vx - Series offers comprehensive time keeping devices that channel all of today’s technologies through one simple hardware solution. Slightly smaller than the Vx570, the Vx 510 offers the same features at a lower price. The Vx 510 supports both Ethernet and dial-up and works with Print Reader. Desktop Use Only, no mounting option is available.

Vx 570 - Mobile Swipe Card System

vx570The Vx 570 is a near real-time timekeeping solution that connects to the Web via an Ethernet connection. With its built-in punch receipt printer and the ability to collect punches through a PIN, swipe card or biometric Print Reader, it’s a reliable tool for recording and validating employee punches

Vx 610 - Mobile Swipe Card System

vx610The Vx 610 offers complete portability for employee punching with the convenience of cellular (GSM wireless) connectivity to the Web in near real-time and an on-board battery for extended on-site punch collection. It’s the perfect fit for punching in the field and on location.

iPhone Employee Attendance Tracking

appswipeclock appTrack your employee’s attendance on-the-go with the Employee Status Utility App (ESU) for the iPhone. You’ll be able to conveniently see if employees are clocked IN, OUT, sick, on vacation and more. You can also view your employee’s current time card and schedule. Checking on your employee’s attendance remotely has never been easier!

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