Innovative Payroll Processing


The foundation of Execupay’s Human Capital Management Solution is PlatinumHR, our flagship human resource management system. PlatinumHR is a web-based thin-client application that combines the rich interface of traditional applications with the low cost of ownership of an online software as a service (SaaS) model.


  • Employee Relationship Manager (ERM)
    Every organization uses a CRM to manage relationships with their clients. At Execupay, we believe the client of an HR department is the employee. HR professionals should have a powerful, CRM-like tool to help manage their employee relationships. This is exactly why we built an Employee Relationship Manager with a strategic, employee-centric focus that optimizes human resource processes and efficiencies while maximizing employee satisfaction.

  • Performance Manager (PM)
    Execupay’s Performance Manager allows you to implement a stronger PM process that engages your employees by aligning their goals with the goals of your organization. This is imperative for attracting, motivating, retaining, and developing top performing talent. Eliminating ineffective, paper-based systems improves consistency of the review process, making it easier to standardize on performance management best practices to gain stronger accountability while ensuring compliance.

  • Recruitment Manager (RM)
    We understand that building a stronger business means building an exceptional workforce. That is why Execupay’s Recruitment Manager streamlines your talent acquisition efforts into a process-driven methodology, ensuring the best hire in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our Recruitment Manager helps you screen, identify, qualify, score and rank candidates by standardizing the applicant workflow process based on position requirements.

  • Document Manager (DM)
    Going beyond just fulfilling an organizational-wide requirement, our robust online Document Manager provides a secure, centralized document repository that reinvents how HR departments store, utilize and distribute documents. Feature rich and tightly integrated with all the PlatinumHR modules (RM, PM, ERM, ESS, MSS), the Document Manager can be configured to your corporate standards with customized document categories and common file types (Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Report, Images, Text/ASCII). It is designed to maximize communications throughout your department and organization by simplifying online document distribution via the Platinum Portal Suite.

  • HR Elements
    With all the advanced HR functionality in PlatinumHR, it is sometimes easy to overlook some of the fundamental HR elements that it provides:

    • Asset Management
    • Complete Audit
    • Date Driven Events
    • Robust Notes
    • HR Events
    • Reminders
    • Pay Calculators
    • OSH
    • Employment History
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Family Members
    • Previous Employers
    • Training
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Attendance / FMLA
  • HR Support Center
    IPP HR Support Center is your one-stop resource for employee management and workplace compliance information. It provides current guidance and knowledge from trusted HR professionals to protect you from becoming one of the growing numbers of organizations that are affected by costly and distractive HR-related litigation. Here are just a few of the invaluable features:

    • Ask an HR Pro via telephone and email
    • HR Glossary & Library
    • HR Forms
    • Job Descriptions
    • QA Database
    • Handbooks
    • State & Federal Laws
    • HR Newsletter & Articles
    • Up-to-Date Alerts
    • Best Practices