Innovative Payroll Processing

Finding and keeping quality employees is necessary for the growth of a company. Because today's savvy employees demand full benefit packages even from the smallest companies, a retirement plan can be an effective tool to:

  • Attract and keep the employees you need for your business to succeed.
  • Show prospective employees that you're willing to compete for their services while also showing employees that you value their contributions to your business.

Companies join the 401K MEP (Multiple Employer Plan) because it shifts fiduciary responsibility and administration to Innovative Payroll Processing and saves your company resources.

The MEP uses a sponsor (Innovative Payroll Processing) and the plan is adopted by multiple employers. You will find it costs significantly less than managing your own traditional 401K plan, and it removes your administrative burdens. There is no annual audit or filings.

You have the flexibility of standard benefit features or option to customize the plan to specific company needs.

We have joined forces with Ohio National Financial Services, a proven provider in the retirement plan market. Ohio National understands the importance of delivering retirement solutions for you and your employees.

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Ohio National’s retirement plan products, the Advantage Series, offer versatile and innovative group variable annuity contracts tailored to excel as funding vehicles for a variety of employer-sponsored plan designs that can translate to higher productivity and higher profits for your business.

Advantage Series Benefits:

  • Flexible contributions
  • Daily valuations
  • 80+ investment choices from more than 22 respected fund managers
  • Two asset allocation programs: Ibbotson™ ETF Allocation Series (risk-based) and LIVESTRONG™ Portfolios (target retirement date-based)
  • Quarterly statements
  • No front-end charges
  • No contract charge for certain plan benefit payments
  • Easy asset allocation
  • Diverse funding options
  • Effective employee education